No-Knead Artisan bread!

Makes 1 medium loaf.

This recipe is versatile and can be used for pretty much anything that needs dough. Get creative. Please make note this is written for High Altitude baking in Denver. Check the notes to adjust for sea level, yes it does make a difference. It keeps for 3 days in the fridge as raw dough!

  • 3 Cups High-Protein Flour (see notes, regular is okay!)

  • 1.75 tsp Instant or Rapid Rise yeast (2 tsp if at sea level, see notes if you do not have instant yeast)

  • 1.5 tsp cooking/kosher salt (2 tsp if at sea level, not fine salt!)

  • 1.75 cups warm water (1.5 cups at sea level)

  • Dutch Oven (see notes if you don't own one but I love the Amazon one linked!)


  1. Mix Dough: Add the Flour, Instant Yeast, and salt to a large bowl and mix. If you don't have Rapid Rise yeast, regular "Active Dry Yeast" is okay but add it to the warm water first and dissolve before combining. Add the warm water to the dry ingredients. The water should be about 130F or so; warm but not scorching hot. Take the back of a wooden spoon and mix the ingredients so there are no dry spots. It should look wet and sloppy – not kneadable, but not runny like cake batter. Adjust with more water or flour if needed for right consistency. See Photo 1 below.

  2. Rise: Cover with cling wrap and a towel. Leave in a warm room for 1.5 to 3 hours until it doubles in size. It will be much quicker in a High Altitude city than sea level but other things like humidity and type of flour will change the duration. Check on it in about an hour, if it is not growing you might need to increase the ambient temperature; I sometimes warm my little toaster oven and open the door and place the dough near the hot air. We are talking in the 73F-85F range, don't toast it as it will dry out! On a hot day, it can rise fast (45mins), slow it down by putting it in the fridge if you notice that.

  3. Preheat 30 minutes prior: Place your Dutch Oven in the middle of your oven at 450F for about 30 minutes before baking. It needs to be warmed up in order to produce the steam effect for your bread's baking needs.

  4. Shape Dough: Sprinkle work surface with 1 tbsp flour, scrape dough out of bowl and sprinkle top with 1/2 tbsp flour. Using something like a cake server, large knife, or spatula, fold the sides inwards (about 6 folds) to roughly form a round shape. Don’t be too meticulous here – you’re about to deform it, it’s more about deflating the bubbles in the dough and forming a shape you can move.

  5. Transfer: Slide a large piece of parchment/baking paper (not wax paper) next to the dough, then flip the dough upside down onto the paper (seam side down, smooth side up). It's okay if it's rough; the more ridges the more crispy top!

  6. Dough in Pot: Remove hot dutch oven from oven. Use paper to place dough into pot and leave the paper in, place lid on.

  7. Bake: 30 minutes in the pot, remove the lid and bake uncovered for 12 minutes until gold and crispy.

  8. Cool: on a rack for 10 minutes before slicing, important it is elevated so it does not get soggy!

  9. Serve: see Photo 2, but I like to serve it with herby oils with salt mixed in, bold dipping olive oil with Saba drizzle in it (sweet grape reduction that suspends so well in olive oil, to die for!), or a dip such as whipped eggplant. It keeps well for about 1-2 days in airtight container.


Protein Flour - I like Bob's Red Mill Artisan Bread Flour but check to see the protein content, the higher the better as this is what gives it gluten and the "holes" you find in artisan bread. Any gluten-based flour will work though just the texture won't be the same. Five Roses All-Purpose Flour is another one of my faves.

Dutch Oven - If you do not own one, get one. Kidding, use 8” square metal pan (or similar but NOT glass, may shatter). Place in oven on middle shelf where bread will bake (or shelf under if tray won’t fit on same shelf), preheat oven. Boil kettle/water. Place paper with shaped dough on a baking tray. When you put the bread in, work fast as follows – place bread in oven, fill pan with boiling water, shut oven door = makeshift dutch oven steamer effect! Bake for full 40 minutes until it’s a deep golden brown.

Photo 1: Mixing Stage

Photo 2: Sides